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Facts about Post, Part VI

By Rebecca Martelotti
Assistant Features Editor

Brittany Burgos, a junior Psychology major, sits in the gardens outside of the Winnick Mansion
Brittany Burgos, a junior Psychology major, sits in the gardens outside of the Winnick Mansion
  1. In 1969, the campus had no student center. The only place for recreation was the Craft Center.
  2. When Hillwood Commons was built, it was the beginning of students meeting on campus and developing extracurricular clubs and sports. This did not happen until the late 1970s.
  3. LIU Post used to offer adult education classes and also classes in equestrian studies. Equestrian studies will be brought back as an undergraduate minor in the department of Health, Physical Education and Movement Science.
  4. Many departments on campus have been encouraged to build minors that will help student in their professional lives. The English Department will offer a minor in writing, with concentrations in adult education, business, medical field, or pharmaceutical. There will also be a creative concentration. The number of minors on campus has increased dramatically.
  5. Arts Management was once one of the most popular minors on campus.
  6. The merging of departments has become increasingly popular on campus. Until a few years ago, LIU had a separate Physics Department, which has now merged with the Mathematics Department due to a lack of students studying it independently.
  7. The school of Pharmacy is the oldest college of LIU. It was always associated with Brooklyn.
  8. There were no dorms when the school was first built. The school was for commuter students only.
  9. Post hall used to provide both faculty and graduate housing.
  10. Lodge A (across from Brookville on South Campus) was once a dormitory, then a daycare center for faculty children and is now a counseling center for people who come to campus to receive various kinds of therapy.

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