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Game Design Majors at a Loss Without Campus Labs

By Alexandra Ferragamo, Staff Writer

Since in person classes ceased, several majors were impacted for various reasons. Health Science majors do not have access to laboratories and theatre majors cannot use the school’s stages to perform. One major that was greatly affected was game design.

“Right now, we are using discord and Zoom to co-work, communicate, etc., and it’s been running smoothly,” junior game design major, Imani Harvey, said. “The university hasn’t really helped other than telling the professors to record their Zoom sessions.”

Students are expected to work and create at home without teacher guidance or one on one help. If someone does not understand an assignment or lesson, it is a lot harder to explain it virtually.

A vital part of the game design major curriculum is to get people to test their games. Without them, it is difficult to receive feedback.

“To be honest, some classes are very presentation based in that we often show off the work we’ve brought in. sure, it is still possible to do so online via screen sharing, but the ease of showing work in person is lost,” Alex Nicoletta, a senior game design major, said.

Another huge problem is that the students are staying away from making multiplayer games, which require more than one person on the same monitor. Also, some students cannot even create games without the technology provided by LIU.

In the game design labs, expensive software is readily available and is all in one place. There are some students that don’t even have personal computers.

“The digital design major works exclusively on higher end macs with programs that require a subscription like Autodesk Maya and creative cloud,” Julia Singh, a senior Game Design major, said

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