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Honoring the Memory of Julian Mates

Post mourns the passing of an innovative and legendary member of campus community
By: Kayla Krause

A CW Post legend and honorary man recently passed away.  Julian Mates, the founding dean of the School of Visual and Performing Arts, was a brilliant man and scholar.  He was not only the first dean of Post’s art school, but also an English professor at the university.

Mates certainly left his mark here at CW Post. He will be remembered for founding many events at C.W. Post.  He started the American Theatre Festival, which is an event held each year by the Post Theatre Company.  In collaboration with composer Stefan Wolpe, they composed the campus alma mater “When Evening Falls.”

Not only did he impact the university, but his students and even faculty say his teaching techniques left a lasting impression on them.  Kay Hutchins Sato, an assistant provost to the Hutton House Lectures, was quoted in Newsday saying that, “If he were reading ‘Hamlet,’ you’d believe you were watching it on stage.”

Barbara Fowles, current chairwoman of the Media Arts Department and professor at Post, is Mates’ wife.  Mates also had three children, two daughters; Jessica and Karen, one son; Ethan; and three grandchildren.

On October 10, 2010 at 11a.m. there will be a memorial service for Julian Mates.  It will be at the Interfaith Center on C.W. Post’s campus.

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