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Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez


Courtesy of Netflix

Documentaries about serial killers have been growing in popularity amongst students, and Netflix’s “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez,” is no exception. The documentary premiered on Jan. 15, and describes the life of late Aaron Hernandez, football player and convicted murderer.

Hernandez played as a tight end for the New England Patriots in the NFL, but his career came to an immediate end in 2013 after his arrest and sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Lloyd was a semi-professional football player who was in a relationship with Hernandez’s fiancée’s sister. Hernandez hung himself in his prison cell at age 27, days after he was acquitted of a separate double homicide. He left behind his widow Shayanna Jenkins, and their daughter, Avielle Janelle Hernandez.

The three-part documentary on Hernandez’s story can be seen on Netflix and it explores his conviction for the murder of Lloyd, other murder cases he was suspected in, and the factors in his life that may have generated his violent behavior.

Ryan Miller, alum of 2019, was a fan of Hernandez during his NFL career. “I remember all of this happening to Aaron Hernandez as I was a fan of his. I know that this news was shocking to everyone. He seemed like the ‘perfect’ guy. I don’t think that this story is something that will ever be forgotten. It was too traumatic,” he said. “It’s a shame that his family and loved ones will have these sad last memories of Aaron.”

“I always loved watching him play. He was kind of like a role-model of mine,” Michael Ciardiello, a sophomore business major, said. “This news was shocking, and I personally believe that he was a murderer with mental illness and it’s just so sad for his family. It’s sad that his daughter will only have this memory of him.”

This was a great documentary for anyone interested in this specific case, or any murder-mystery. Both Miller and Ciardiello enjoyed watching the full documentary. It contains personal reflections from Henandez’ family members and associates. Hernandez’s downfall from football star to convicted murderer is one of the most notorious cases to emerge from not just the NFL, but the entire sports world, and this Netflix documentary captures it all.

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