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Letter from Review Editor

By: Mike Natale
Review Editor
So, some of you may be noticing the lack of entertainment section in the paper. Well, Loomings is taking a bit of a hiatus. With the merging of the creative arts magazine and Review in addition to the initiative being taken to bring this paper up to a new standard of quality, we here at Loomings have our work cut out for us. We are currently lacking the amount of staff members required to do the work we need done here, and we have decided to take some time off in order to regroup and get things together. We are in serious need to writers and layout people, so any journalism majors, graphic design majors, or hell, just
anyone looking to write reviews, not only of mainstream media but of student art and music, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
We hope to return to the newspaper soon, and better than ever before, as well as release the latest issue of the Loomings magazine, compiling the highlights of student art and literature last year. We here at Loomings appreciate your patience, and hope prospective writers will get in touch with us at:

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