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More Alcohol Madness

By Kathleen Joyce

Last week we talked about the Amethyst Initiative, which is a group of college presidents who joined together to call for a debate about the alcohol age in the U.S. A total of 135 college presidents have already signed the initiative, but C.W. Post has failed to endorse it. Around the campus, students gave their opinions on the Amethyst Initiative.

Junior Music major, Brad Turow says the Amethyst Initiative is understandable. ìI donít think most people obey it now anyway,î remarked Turow. Senior Film student Martha McCann agrees, ìI think it should be lowered. Weíre the only country with the drinking age of 21. When I reached 21, drinking wasnít a big deal anymore.î

Other students completely agree that the Initiative would be a great idea to iinstall at Post. ìWhat better way to prove yourself than by getting adults to actually agree with you,î stated junior Art major Kathleen Catterson.  Another student agrees that this would reduce the amount of binge drinking as well.  ìI donít think kids are mature enough to handle themselves,î sophomore Film major Robert Tippin.  He continued to state that by taking some of these restrictions away, kids wonítwould not  act so irresponsible.

Most people had a positive view on the initiative and do not understand why C.W. Post has not signed on yet. Jenna Petrocelli, a SUNY Purchase alumnus says: ì I donít understand why a school like Post,  a private university, hasnít signed on. Even Purchase signed on and theyíre a state school.î When asked if she remembered if the school advertised they signed on she said, ìit was mentioned, but I donít really remember it. Maybe I just didnít give it much attention since I was already 21 by then.î

Most adults are not too fond of the idea. ìWhatís the point? Kids already drink before 21 and probably before 18. They get their friends or even parents to get it for them,î says a C.W. Post alumnus David Gathers. ìI donít think this will make much leeway.î  Martha Nugent another CW Post alumni says, ì I think itís awful. This just makes me more cautious on the road and even for my kids when they grow up. I think itís best just the way it is. I really donít see things changing anytime soon.î

One must really think of the way society would change if this ever came to be.  We as young adults must learn to be more responsible if the government will allow it. It may take quite a few years for the federal government to reconsider the law. But us college students can try and attempt to start the change.  So always drink responsibly and have a designated driver- it is better to be safe than sorry. Having a DUI or a DWI on your record could tarnish your job opportunities.  After getting a DUI or a DWI your license is taken away and you have to pay a fine that could cost over two thousand dollars, which does not include the lawyer expenses and getting back your car after it is impounded.  Be smart and safe and maybe we can finally have something to show for it.

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