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Motivation Monday: Yoga and Meditation

By Tiana Ono, Staff Writer

LIU Promise keeps students active during stay-at-home order due to the new coronavirus

With the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone is encouraged to stay indoors unless going out for essential purposes only. Because of this, people are now indoors for the majority of everyday throughout the week. Unless students have access to a personal gym, it may be difficult to keep active at this time.

To help encourage a healthy lifestyle, Promise has started posting simple workouts that students can do at home.

On Monday, March 30, Motivation Monday was dedicated to yoga and meditation. According to, participation in yoga can help lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia, as well as increase flexibility, muscle strength, and tone.

Kimmy Glasser, a sophomore nursing major who works in the Promise office, participated by doing yoga on Monday.

“I enjoy doing yoga on a regular basis anyways, so I didn’t mind doing it this week,” Glasser said. “Promise chose to include yoga as its physical activity for this week because it is easy to do at home and you don’t need much space or materials to do yoga.”

“Although we didn’t post anything on instagram for it this week, there was an email sent out to students, and that email itself made me want to do yoga,” Glasser said.

Promise will be posting daily activities that students can participate in at home, such as online bingo, Netflix trivia, and online lectures for you to attend. Head to @postliupromise on instagram for more details.

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