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Must Have For Your Holiday Wish List: Ladies

Jazlyn Beltre
Staff Writer

Something Facial

The face brush is one of this year’s must-haves. Face brushes are proven to exfoliate your skin while cleaning out pores. But, unlike most exfoliators, face cleansing brushes can be used daily. According to “Drop a Decade From Your Face,” on the Dr. Oz website on October 31, 2012, “The gentle exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin that makes your face look dull. It also allows anything meant to treat the skin including creams, serums or salicylic acid lotions to soak in more thoroughly.” When Dr. Mitchell Goldman of UCSD was asked on Fox News what people should do to prevent acne, he responded, “The most important thing is cleaning the skin. We’ve talked about using one of those clarisonic brushes, and that actually cleans the pores out, and you should be cleaning them every day, about twice a day is fine, it takes care of all of the environmental pollutants.” Clarisonic Brushes can range from $120 to $200. But, Target sells brands like Olay, Neutrogena and Pretika electronic face cleansing brushes for under $50.

Something Oxblood

‘Oxblood’ has become the color of this season’s fashion. Celebrities including Fergie and Royal Duchess Kate Middleton have been spotted rocking this trend. According to “Fall 2012 Runway Report” on, oxblood is one of the top trending colors this season. Oxblood jackets, jeans, tops and lipsticks are definitely in, according to an article by Christina Draper in “Let’s Talk Oxblood – The Luxe Color You’re Obsessed With!” on Oxblood jeans can vary from $180 at Nordstrom to $49 at

Something Faux Fur

Faux fur vests have been in for a while, but now we can have more fun with fur. Incorporating faux fur into our daily wardrobe has become easier. Faux fur jackets, scarves and vests are in this winter. According to “Sexy Winter Styling Tips” by Dawn Davis on, “Add a fur (we prefer faux) collar, shrug or scarf over your jacket or coat and you’ll instantly look more stylish.” Faux Fur coats and vests can easily cost several hundred dollars, but Nordstrom, Macy’s, H&M and Forever 21 have faux fur for under $100.

Something High

The new wedge sneakers are in! The Michael Kors wedge sneaker was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things List for 2012. The wedge sneaker can vary in price. Beyonce was spotted wearing Isabel Marant’s wedged sneaker, which is priced at around $700, while the Michael Kors brand is priced at around $200 and Steve Madden ‘Olympiaa’ and Zara’s sneaks are priced at around $100. DSW sells a similar sneaker at around $60.

Something Bold

Reptile, leather or printed is in this season, as well as winter white, according to “Top Fall 2012 Fashion Trends Straight from the Runway” on Don’t be afraid to mimic the runway models with patterned jumpsuits or military style coats. “The new prints turn basic pieces into something worth talking about,” according to “50 Musts: Fall 2012 Trends” on Pieces can vary in pricing according to brands, but for a more affordable buy, try Forever 21 and H&M.
These things are all essential for this winter according to some of the top fashion magazines. From healthy looking skin to a stylish outfit, these must-haves will give you a great look from head to toe.

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