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By Heather Norris
The first homework assignment many incoming freshman at C.W. Post receive in their Freshman Seminar classes is to log into and activate their My LIU student account.  My LIU is the student and faculty computer system that allows students access to information about financial aid, class schedules, billing, grades, and e-mail. While these accounts may seem convenient and helpful, C.W. Post students are not unanimous in their use of them.
ìI actually donít use mine,î said sophomore Chloe Schwartzapfel.  ìWhen I came to school I already had my own email account.  I just feel like it would be too much work to switch over.î For many, the idea of having to start a new account or having to maintain two separate accounts simply doesnít seem worth it. Some, however, think the school account is useful.  ìI always use My LIU email,î said junior Nutrition major Devon Trenkle.  ìItís not that I really chose to use it though, it just makes school so much easier; it’s what all my professors use.”
Professor Abby Dress, agreed, saying, ìItís a fast and easy way to contact a whole class.î  She even speculated as to why these accounts seem so popular among students and faculty.  ìThe more professors use Blackboard, the more students will check their LIU accounts.î

As the the website emerges, s, professors are using it the website even more to connect with students and post assignments online.  So, tell us what you think for our student survey.  How many of you use the website?  What changes would you like to see?  Email the Pioneer at  HYPERLINK “”

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