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Our New Freshman Class

By: Olivia Wicik
Staff Writer

As we start getting used to being back at Post, there are many changes for us to notice. Not only do we now have a common hour, many new laboratories, and energy-saving projects in the works, but this year there was a significant increase in the number of freshman that enrolled as well.

Post had an incoming of 900 freshmen for the Fall 2010 semester, as opposed to last year’s 859 freshmen, Joanne Graziano, Assistant Provost for Admissions and Recruitment on C.W. Post Campus said.   And surprisingly enough, the free Ipad had nothing to do with it. Freshman Connor Gaffey, a film major, stated that he chose Post because of its film program as well as a faculty and student body who seemed to be constantly helping each other.

Another correlating factor to the increased number of freshman this year is that many new students enrolled have either a sibling or alumni on campus. In fact, 95 are the children or grandchildren of past C.W. Post students, as stated in a report from Rita Langdon, Director of Public Relations and the Office of Admissions.

Aside from students having family ties at Post other reasons freshman chose our school include; the academic programs we offer, scholarships, and our location. Seven hundred twenty nine of the total 900 freshmen at Post are from New York alone.

Knowing this information, it can be assumed that perhaps the class of 2014 really did come to C.W. Post because of their love for the school and what it has to offer, not just an Ipad,  That we should all be proud of.

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