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The Tide

Senior Spotlight: Kristina Gustafson

A four-year starter who has never sat out a single game in her college career, Kristina Gustafson has virtually been the backbone of the Pioneers’ field hockey team. After spending her first two collegiate seasons at midfield, Gustafson was voted Second-Team All-PSAC her sophomore year before she switched to defense her junior and senior seasons. On defense Gustafson subtly maintains control of the game while always keeping a positive attitude. Not only does Gustafson excel on the field, however, but the senior from New Braintree, Massachusetts also maintains one of the highest GPAs on the team, garnering a spot on the NFHCA National Academic Squad each of her three years completed at C.W. Post.

Pioneers Fall Short of Comeback

It was a dog fight from the start, the offenses from the Pioneers and the Kutztown Golden Bears driving down the field possession after possession. The Pioneers were right in the middle of the shoot out but couldn’t lock it up at the end even with Erik Anderwkavich setting records.

Kutztown scored early but the Pioneers fought back but the score remained at 10-7, Post got its touchdown when Anderwkavich connected with Darnell Williams for a 5-yard catch.

A Letter From the Editors in Chief

To the Association for Campus Programming Executive Board and the Offices of Student Life and Services- in regards to Homecoming 2010 Photo Collage:

Although it is not our responsibility to represent C.W. Post any certain way – positive or negative – it was NOT our intention to denote the lack of coverage or diversity ACP and the Office of Student Life and Leadership worked so hard to produce.  We recognize your efforts and agree that there could have been more exemplifying Post unity, which you so carefully described to us.  That being said, as much as we appreciate your comments and concerns, we have the right to publicize Homecoming in any way we desire.

A Letter From the Campus Quality and Security Committee

Hello Fellow Students:

My name is Julie-Ann Simpson.  I am your Student Government Association (SGA) representative for the Campus Quality and Security Committee. On behalf of all the members of the SGA, I would like to share with you our most recent updates and goals.

Quick Midterm Election Update: CW Post, The Disengaged Student Body

Less than a week until New York State elections, the race for the state governor’s seat has become very heated. The normal issues of taxation and the states budget have come under debate but issues such as gay rights have dominated much of the candidates smear campaigns.  The midterm elections across the nation have become very important for the Democrats, as they struggle to stay in power at all levels of government.

Teacher Profile – Sandra Mardenfeld

“I always knew I’d study journalism. I worked on all types of publications throughout my childhood,” said Sandra Mardenfeld, Head of the Journalism Department.  She continued with her passion for writing earning a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Buffalo State College and eventually her Master’s in Magazine Journalism from New York University.

Fuel the Brain, Healthily

Now that it is midterm week, one of the scariest/stressful times of the semester, we are constantly looking for ways to stay awake and energized through our long hours in the library and sleepless nights studying. Before hitting the books, we usually think to pick up a few snacks to keep us going, right? Most of us even go for snacks we usually would avoid (Snickers, Hagen Daz, Twizzlers), convincing ourselves it is the calories that give us brainpower –“I don’t even care, I need it to study!” Unfortunately, junk food will only supply a quick fix of energy then cause an immediate crash –forcing us only to crave more.

A College Degree or a Dazzling Ring

In the movie Mona Lisa Smile, a story about college women, the character Joan Bandwyn, played by Julia Stiles, is facing a dilemma. She’s graduating and she must choose between Yale law school and marriage. She chooses marriage. This movie is set in the 1950’s when the average age for marriage was 20 for a woman and 22 for a man.

LIU Sells Radio Station

Long Island University’s radio station WCWP, may have something to celebrate come December. Announced late Tuesday, their once affiliated station, WLIU-88.3 may be no more, due to an $850,000 purchase of the license and broadcasting equipment.

Long Island University has owned the license to, and operated, a radio station out in South Hampton for 20 years. This station, 88.3 WLIU, the only NPR based radio station in New York (all others are based in Connecticut) was put up for sale by LIU in 2009.


Parking on CW Post Campus Can be a Lengthy Process

Many students are quick to blame them not being able to find a parking spot on the administration’s lack of providing parking availability. However, if we look at this situation realistically we will realize that the school, and public safety in general, don;t have much to do with it. Public Safety administrator Mrs. Nelson tells us, “Parking on C.W. Post campus is a privilege.”  Technically speaking, it is free. Unlike various other schools, the ability to park at C.W. Post is one that will not cost us anything. As we all know, what is free will not be great. Junior Andrea Deignan tells us that before coming to Post she attended George Mason University in Virginia and that there the purchase of a parking permit was mandatory. “Even though the parking lots fill up quickly here, it’s still better than paying a yearly rate.”