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Senior Spotlight: Qaroline Nahl

Name: Qaroline Nahl

Major: Public Relations

Sport: Women´s Soccer #9

How long have you been playing at Post? 3 seasons, transferred from Hofstra Fall 08.

What did you first think about Post? I loved the campus and the aspirations the team had. I wanted to be part of something leaving a legacy behind.

How do you feel about Post now? I have mixed emotions, it is bittersweet that my years here are almost over, but Post has been a big chapter in my life providing me with memories that I will carry with me forever.

Lesson(s) you will take from Post? Speak up. We have a fabulous support system of faculty and staff here at Post that all want the best for you, but they can only help if you give them the chance.

Best memory with the team/of Post? I am still hoping for this season to be the best one in my college soccer career, ask me in December and hopefully I can say my best memory is becoming National Champions.

What do you want to do after Post? I am not sure yet, but I am most likely moving back to Sweden to take the next step in my life in to the grown-up world.

What will you miss from Post? Definitely my team, they have grown to be a second family to me.

Coming from a different country, was it hard to adapt to America? Absolutely! It is a totally different culture and finding out how things were done around here was a challange.

Or did being part of a team make that easier?

Being part of a team made it a lot easier, I was thrown into a group of students who all had the same interest and were on the same page. We sort of figured everything out together.

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