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PCDC Fundraiser Canceled

Last updated on Mar 23, 2020

By Hayley Cohen, Staff Writer

The Post Concert Dance Company (PCDC), planned to host a program fundraiser prior to campus-wide event cancellations. The event’s goal would have been to raise money for the company, which involves all 15 of the dance majors on campus.

The event was originally going to take place at the Pratt Recreation Center in the multipurpose room on March 24 at 7 p.m.

“The event is called PCDC Challenge… In the future, we will be having more fundraisers for PCDC. Keep on the lookout,” Kaitlyn Jones, a senior dance major, said. “Unfortunately it would not be happening any longer. Pratt is currently closed, and they do not know when they will open again. So, we will not be having this fundraiser anymore.”

Sabrina Greig, a sophomore dance major, had a role in planning the event. “We haven’t done this one in particular in the past, and I know that we plan on having more fundraisers to come after this in the near future,” she said.

Earlier in the spring 2020 semester, students in the dance program held a bake sale and raised about $150 for their attire.

“We’re currently undecided what the money will be used for for this fundraiser,” Greig said.

Participants at the fundraiser would have learned simple choreography from the dance majors.

“People who donate and want to dance with us will be included in the dances if they wish to do so, and we will teach them the steps in order for them to keep up with us,” Greig said, “I think that whoever participates in that particular activity will really enjoy it and see all the hard work that we put in as dance majors. It’s good times and brings us together as a community.”

Claudia Turczynska, a junior majoring in accounting, attended one of the dance program’s fundraisers in the past; however, with the current suspension of classes due to precautions surrounding COVID-19, she’s upset she can’t attend the fundraiser.

“With classes being switched to online, I’m staying inside and away from the virus, so I won’t be attending this event anymore unfortunately,” she said.

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