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Peace in the World

Post Students Learn about Peace Corps Volunteer Work

By: Robert Rockefeller
Assistant News Editor

On September 13, the Peace Corps held an information session at C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University from 12PM to 2PM at the Kahn Discovery Center. The two hour presentation gave Post students an opportunity to learn the valuable experiences that can be gained from joining such a worthwhile organization like the Peace Corps.

“I’m interested in the Peace Corps because I studied abroad in Australia,” said Erin Lusenskas, a 22-year-old graduate student majoring in Childhood and Special Education. “I had friends who joined and am interested in learning more.”

Many facts and experiences were learned and shared during the session. For example, the Peace Corps serves 77 countries throughout the world and was started in 1961 by John F. Kennedy. Education makes up 33 percent of volunteer jobs in the Corps while Youth Development and Health HIV/AIDS account for 18 percent of volunteer work in the organization.

The Peace Corps is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and is currently in the midst of “growth phase.” The Corps is forecasted to expand within the next few years and mainly visits college campuses like Post to seek out applicants who are currently working towards completing a bachelor’s degree.

There are many benefits that go with being a Peace Corps volunteer. For example, those that complete service earn up to $7400 dollars in benefits and up to 18 months of healthcare coverage. Being a part of the Peace Corps looks good on a resume and can instantly put a job seeker on the top listing of being considered for a government job.

In addition, students who complete service have the option to pursue a Masters degree after or during enrollment. For example, there is a Masters Degree Program that allows volunteers to utilize after the Peace Corps experience. Secondly, students can join the Masters International Program, which allows students the opportunity to apply for a graduate level education during the first year of service.

Students interested in learning more about the experience of a lifetime with the Peace Corps may email questions to Jason Cascone, Director of CW Post Career Services and/or visiting

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