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Picture Perfect Photo Show

By Peter Barell
A&E Editor

From Nov. 5 through 9 the Student Art League Gallery in Hillwood Commons welcomed an exhibition of student photographers, each displaying five examples of their work interpreting the theme Picture Perfect. The varied assembly included Lexi Ferreri, Nicole DiGiovanni, Linsday Bauer, Tara Ann Ramsay, Rebecca Grace Perdicou, Liz Santiago, and Chrissy Morgera. As a part of Photo 7 with Professor Joan Powers, the group had prepared for the exhibit the whole semester. The class had a vote on the name, settling with “Picture Perfect.”

“For weeks we have been doing critiques, spending time and money in the lab printing out possible choices for our final five pictures,” said DiGiovanni, a junior Photography major. “In the end, I feel much better prepared for my own future solo show.”

DiGiovanni’s interpretation of the Picture Perfect theme depicts frames within frames; her photos have an almost interactive feel, with a hand holding a frame within the pictures, isolating a part of the scene. “I’m a sucker for frames within a frame,” she said. “I love the geometrics it creates with strong leading lines. I wanted the viewers to see a very beautiful scene, but then also understand it takes a certain part of that scene to be Picture Perfect.”

Spending her summers as an assistant photo teacher at a summer camp, DiGiovanni hopes to one day own a studio, but still be a frequent traveler. “I’d be happy anywhere as long as I have my camera,” she noted. DiGiovanni has a solo exhibition in May 2014 at the Glen Cove Library.

Senior Art Education major Morgera’s interpretation of PicturePerfect sharply contrasted DiGiovanni and the other photographers, focusing on the naked female body, done in black and white. “I’ve seen the female body to always be perfect in any shape or form,” she said. “The black and white allows the photos to represent all other women, rather than the individual herself.”

Morgera is also interested in teaching the arts. “I hope to be able to have students become passionate about art like I am, or just get them to give art the respect and appreciation it deserves.”

It is clear from the exhibit that Post has fostered varied and talented artists. Not only do the works show individual talent, they also depict the dedication to sharing passion – be it in the classroom or in a gallery.

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