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Pioneer Spotlight

By: Max Caster
Staff Writer

Name:Danell Williams
Sport: Football
Position: Wide Receiver
Major: Sociology
How long have you been playing at Post?
“A year and a half.”
What did you first think about Post?
“I thought it was okay, I felt that being here would put me in a position to be surrounding by good people.”
How do you feel about Post now?
“School is cool. And playing football here makes it all the better.”
What Lesson(s) will you take from Post?
“‘Coach GILL’ I learned a lot from him.”
Best memory with the team/of Post?
“The game we played against West Chester and we went 3 overtimes and won the game.”
What do you do to relax from football?
“I’m never away from football but what I do to relax is listen to music.”
What’s on your iPod right now?
“The new P.Diddy and Rick Ross, Maino, Fabolous, Jay-Z, Prezzy and I’m really liking Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry now a days.”
Favorite movie/actor?
“Any Given Sunday / Will Smith.”
What you want to do after Post?
“Play professional football.”
What will you miss from Post?
“Definitely not class so I guess the Winnick.”

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