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Promise Hosts Leadership Skills Event

By Jade Leah Burns, Student Writer

The Promise Office hosted a virtual event to discuss leadership skills. The event had two seatings on Zoom, Tuesday, March 31 and Friday, April 3, and was led by student Daylen Orlick. Five participants attended the event which was open to students on the Post and Brooklyn campus’.

After taking the time to get to know each student in attendance, Orlick sent all the students a personality quiz on is a personality test site where it shows your top five strengths after taking a short quiz. After taking the test, the website generates where it believes the taker’s career path will land them in the future.

After taking the test, each of the students explained the results they received, and Orlick assisted them by explaining how to use these personality strength results to develop leadership strengths. He also explained how most of the results usually connect to a student’s major and what they like to do.

More information about these sites and help with leadership skills can be found in the Promise Office on the third floor of Hillwood Commons, by phone at (516)299-3737, or by email at

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