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Ready for Fall?

Rebecca Martelotti Staff Writer

The end of the spring semester is very hectic. In addition to studying for final exams and applying for summer jobs and internships, students must begin to think about and choose the classes they want to take in the fall.

The best way to make sure you get the required courses for your major is to plan ahead and schedule an appointment with your academic advisor in advance. When it comes to picking courses, it is extremely important to check with the Academic Advising department, located in Kumble Hall on the second floor, to make sure that you take the right classes. No student wants to spend an extra year at school.

At LIU Post, many of the classes close quickly and there are a lot of time constraints.

“I’m trying to register for my classes, but the ones that I need to take are at conflicting times,” said Melissa Weisman, a sophomore Speech Pathology major. “Now I am unsure as to what I should do regarding my fall schedule.”

Certain courses are only offered during the fall, just as certain courses are only offered during the spring. It is important to know what courses you need to take to be able to graduate.

“I did not take enough of my required courses after I transferred from Laboratory Institute of Merchandising College, so I will be graduating next year as opposed to this year,” said Gabriella Ianiro, a junior Journalism major. “I also changed my major from Business to Journalism so I had a lot of credits to catch up on.”

Registration for the 2013 fall semester began on March 18. Student athletes and Honors Program members were allowed to begin registration a week before classes opened to the rest of the student body. When it comes to registering for classes, students have options to choose from. They can make an appointment with their academic advisor, which can take a long time as appointments in the office fill up quickly, log onto their myLIU accounts and enroll in courses online, email their academic advisor for a schedule or go to the advising office on Walk-In Wednesdays. On Walk-In Wednesdays, any student can see the advisor they want to without an appointment.

Students can find a list of their required courses by searching their major on the LIU Post website. All academic programs have a list of courses and the suggested academic year in which the course should be taken. Registering for courses online is extremely easy and time efficient. Simply just select the class, add it to the cart, and then hit enroll. The course schedule for the fall semester is online. Once students log into their myLIU accounts they can hit Class Search to view the list.

Before enrolling in courses, students must have no “blocks” on their academic record; meaning that all tuition bills have to be paid. Also, no student can have “holds”, or money owed for things such as parking tickets, and they must be enrolled for the upcoming academ- ic year.

“It is almost unfair that we cannot enroll in our classes until we pay the bill,” said Alyssa Yannuzzi, a sophomore Public Relations major. “This semester I didn’t get to take a lot of the classes I wanted because by the time I paid my tuition bill, the classes were closed.”This has always been the LIU Post policy, just as students cannot see their semester grades until the tuition bills are up to date.

Many students opt to take classes during one of the three summer sessions to get ahead or help keep up with credits.

“I am taking one summer course, because I studied abroad in Australia and missed a lot of my requirements that are only offered in the spring,” said Michelle Morey, a sophomore Journalism major. “I would rather spend a few weeks taking a hard class during the summer than taking too many credits in the fall.”

Registration for summer classes began on March 4. Not all courses are offered during the summer session, so be sure to check with the academic advisors about summer session offerings as well.

To contact the Office of Aca- demic Advising and Career Planning, located in Kumble Hall on the second floor, call (516) 299- 2746 or email

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