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Relay for Life: A Virtual Race Against Cancer

By Alexandra Ferragamo, Staff Writer

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, student extra-curricular activities continue to be canceled or changed to a virtual format. A major event held on campus that was impacted is Relay For Life. This is the first time in 25 years that Relay For Life will not occur on campus. This year the event will be held virtually on April 16.

Since May 1985, Relay For Life has been an important part of campus. Relay For Life is a community-based fundraising event in honor of the American Cancer Society. It is usually held right outside of the Pratt Recreation Center in April or May when the weather gets nicer. Most campus clubs and organizations make teams in an effort to raise money and show up during the night, as well as students, staff, and family.

Those involved with the event still hope to raise awareness and show their support for the cause so they are still hopeful that the turnout this year will be a decently sized one.

“We still have a lot of prizes and games and ways to get people involved over video, along with guest speakers and awards,” said Ashely Herkommer, a digital art and design major, and a social media representative for Relay For Life.

Herkommer said that having the event virtually is definitely a challenge that they were not expecting to face, but so much time and effort was already put in so they didn’t want to let everyone down.

“I think it is difficult to spread awareness about the event with so much else going on in the world,” Herkommer said. “We’re not going to divert the importance of COVID-19 so Relay For Life became less of a fundraising event and more of an event to gather people together and a fun way to pass the time during quarantine.”

Herkommer and the whole Relay For Life team would like to thank Anthony White who is in charge of organizing the event.

“He has been working his butt off making sure that all of this is possible under the circumstances,” Herkommer said. “He is amazing and deserves a lot of credit.”

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