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SavvyRooU Comes to Campus

By Kristen Linsalata
News Editor

On Feb. 10 and 11, a start-up company called SavvyRoo will be holding a free sign up for the beta launch of their new product SavvyRooU, an online program that helps students build data portfolios, for LIU Post students.

SavvyRooU is a program used to help teach students build data blogs, which consist of compelling data visuals and powerful language to create portfolios that differentiate themselves in their job search. Post students will be able to sign up for SavvyRooU for free – a product that is estimated to range from $89 to $399.savvyroo

SavvyRoo is a social media platform that can be used for free; the forum was originally created in 2013. CEO Noah Blumenthal and co- founder and CTO Stephen Ostermiller’s original goal was to launch a social media website that delves into the facts behind dishonesty in the news through the concept of sharing visual data such as charts and graphs. SavvyRoo makes it easy to share, link, and find valuable data, providing a platform for communities to put their data together in one place, and for individuals with data to easily share this information on a site where people are specifically looking for data, according to SavvyRoo’s website.

“Our passion has always been in the political space. We primarily focus on climate change, state of the union, [and] LGBT issues,” said Blumenthal. SavvyRoo is also a platform for anybody to create their own profile and create the content that they want to build.

The SavvyRoo team began to notice that students who were using their platform were using the data portfolios and blogs they created on SavvyRoo in their job applications. “Time after time students were coming to us and saying that they had links to their portfolios in their job applications, and they were told by their hiring manager that they
either got an interview or got the job itself because of their portfolios on SavvyRoo,” said Blumenthal. “It creates such a window into a student’s ability to be proactive, [their] analytical ability, creativity and thoughtfulness.”

After hearing the success stories of students who were SavvyRoo users, SavvyRoo decided to create a product tailored specifically for helping students find career opportunities, as well as set them apart in a competitive job market. The product was dubbed SavvyRooU. “We’re teaching students how to data blog and how to differentiate [themselves in] the marketplace and get a job. We have some pretty effective techniques that completely change the nature of the job search. Lastly, we teach students how to be a star performer at their job and accelerate your career path,” Blumenthal said.

LIU Post has been approved by the state for StartUpNY funding. “StartUpNY is a state government program that helps businesses start, expand, or relocate to a tax-free zone,” explained Michael Glickman, LIU’s Chief of Strategic Partnerships and University Advancement. “LIU applied for a START-UP designation, and was recently chosen to participate in the program.” LIU Post is one of four colleges that are participating in the beta launch of SavvyRooU alongside Baruch College and the University of Virginia.

SavvyRoo is one of the start-up companies that have applied for office space in Bush Brown Hall at LIU’s University Center. “We were invited by [the university] to submit an application for the LIU StartUpNY program,” said Kathleen Reynolds, a partner of SavvyRoo. “We have had a number of meetings with Dr. Cline and members of [the] LIU faculty and administration about becoming a part of StartUpNY, and partnering with LIU. We are now waiting to hear from the LIU advisory committee if we’ve been approved.”

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