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Senior Spotlight

—with Heather Norris
With Homecoming just days away, all eyes are on our football team.  The Pioneers have seen a great start to the 2010 season, staying undefeated in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference East and boasting a 4-2 record overall.  Leading the Pioneers in their success is Senior quarterback, Erik Anderwkavich.  Named the East Coast Athletic Conferenceís Player of the year in 2009, his first year at Post, Anderwkavich rushed for a conference-leading 715 yards and six touchdowns and is widely recognized as one of the best offensive players in Division II.
Name:  Erik Anderwkavich
Major: Criminal Justice
Sport: Football
Hometown:  Queens, NY
How long have they been playing at Post: “This is my 2nd season at Post. I transferred from a Junior College in California called Allan Hancock.”
What did they first think about Post:

“I liked it because I was back home. That was the first thing I thought about Post, but then coming to the actual school and living on campus was different. It was like starting all over; I didnít know anyone, I didnít know what to do, really. It was such a small school, it was a real change”
How do they feel about Post now:

“I like Post a lot, Iím glad I made the decision I did to come here. My family comes to my games and Iíve met some great people here that I will never forget.  My coaches and teammates are great, weíre one big family.î
Lessons they will take from Post: ìAlways work hard and donít let up. If you work hard enough for what you want, you will achieve your goals.”
Best memory with the team/at Post: ìAs of now, the best memory I have with the team is our triple-overtime win over West Chester University. We showed great character, we could have easily fallen apart but, instead, we held together, and that was great to see. Iím hoping to have an even better memory though, one where we end this season with a championship!”
What do they want to do after Post: ìEnjoy life. I hope Iíll take what Iíve learned from my coaches and be a successful man, a great father and husband.”
What will they miss from Post: ìMy team, everything weíve done, Iíll miss it all.  The crazy Gil, meetings, punishments, practices, games. Iím going to miss all the close friends Iíve made here and all the fun weíve had together.î
What did it mean to him to be named the East Coast Athletic Conference Player of the Year in 2009?  ìWinning the ECAC Player of the Year award was a great honor. To come in here my first year and win an award was great. I couldnít have done it alone either, so I thank my team very much for that.î

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