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Stay at Home, But Stay Active

Last updated on Apr 19, 2020

By Leah Arroyo, Staff Writer

Taking care of your physical health is always important. With gyms closed due to the new coronavirus, working out can be hard, but there are ways to stay active.

Many companies, like Tone It Up and Nike, are offering free membership to fitness programs during this time to make life easier, you can go outside for a run or you can train like a celebrity from home, though some celebrity trainers post their workouts for free on their social media platforms.

If you prefer cardio, check out apps like Nike Run Club, C25K, or Strava. These apps offer guided runs, help you track how far you’ve traveled, and log your progress. You don’t need dumbbells or resistance bands to get in a good workout. Try doing something as simple as taking a walk or a run outside.

Yogis should download the Down Dog app, UnderBelly Yoga, or CorePower Yoga. All of these apps are offering their yoga classes for free online. You can also visit the Peloton app for a 90 day free trial which includes guided runs, yoga, spin class, and stretching.

Gyms are also joining in on the home workout concept. Planet Fitness is offering free “Home Work-Ins” every day at 7 p.m. on FaceBook. Each class is 20 minutes long and led by a certified trainer. If you can’t make it, all of the workouts are posted on their YouTube channel. Orange Theory Fitness is doing a virtual running challenge for the month of April via their social media platforms. Orange Theory is also posting daily free workouts on their YouTube channel.

If you don’t have equipment at home, there are many YouTube channels that can help you stay in shape. Chloe Ting, MadFit, Yoga with Adrienne, and POPSUGARFitness are a few of them. These videos are perfect for those looking to squeeze in a quick workout, and they have thousands of options, so you can find any workout that interests you.

Also, check out your local yoga studio, gym, or spin instructors and see what classes they’re offering during these troublesome times. You may be able to workout with the instructors that you personally know and love even though you physically can’t be at the gym.

Try out this quick, no equipment workout between Zoom classes or when you’ve been on Instagram too long:

The Pioneer Quick Zoom Workout
Jump Squats – 30 Seconds
Burpees- 30 Seconds
Squats-30 Seconds
Jumping Jacks-30 Seconds
Plank-30 Seconds

Rest for 30 seconds then repeat twice!

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