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Student Body Boutique Rebrands


Photo by Jade Burns

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year, the Student Body Boutique moved to its new location across from Starbucks in Hillwood Commons, and now the store is in the process of a branding evolution.

In the fall semester, the Boutique went through change of board members under a mission to ensure the Boutique is welcoming to all students. All funds received from store sales go toward fashion student scholarships.

Cherie Serota was recently appointed director of fashion merchandising. She assisted with the program’s growing process as a whole by offering students a more hands-on experience with activities such as volunteering at New York Fashion Week, attending lectures and taking shopping trips.

The boutique itself is also a hands-on experience on campus. The entire operation is student run, giving students a real-world learning opportunity. In order to get their new “vibe” out into the world, they are adding new events to their calendar.

“Our main inspiration for this is the growing concern of sustainability and the environment, in not just the fashion industry but globally,” Alina Chen, a sophomore business management major and head of marketing for the boutique, said.

“Thrifting, buying vintage, and investing in long-lasting versatile garments is something that will significantly reduce post-consumer waste, and something we want to show our student body: that sustainably can be fashionable and affordable,” she said.

The boutique plans to team up with the Sustainability Club to make dream catchers out of recycled materials. The boutique’s proceeds will go toward student scholarships, according to Chen.

Devin Butera, sophomore musical theatre major-Photo by Jade Burns

The management board is also starting a “Student Ambassador Program.” This program will recognize different student leaders in contrasting communities on campus. Chen often sees students around campus and admires their individual styles.

The board wanted to make sure that selected student leaders throughout different departments on campus get the validation they deserve for their spectacular, unique tastes, according to Chen.

Rebranding includes teaming with other clubs and departments on campus as well. The management board plans to work with art majors to find an “in-house artist.” The board is granting one student the chance to redesign the boutique with their own style and taste.

“It takes their creativity to the next level,” Chen said. The chance to design and execute a concept for a real store is something a student can put on his or her resume; it not only benefits the boutique, but the student as well.

The Fashion Network Club is holding a fashion show in Hillwood’s fishbowl on April 23 at 8 p.m. and their theme for this year is street wear. The Student Body Boutique is co-sponsoring the club by offering some of their clothing merchandise to complete their collection.

This runway differs from the boutique’s previous shows because it includes work from students on campus as well as local talents, including the Student Body Boutique and neighborhood vintage boutiques. Eight designers from outside of the university are also expected to mix designs with the boutique for the show.

All of the models set to walk the runway are students from Post, and the show is currently looking for additional models to participate. Anyone interested can stop by the Student Body Boutique during its regular hours of operation.

The Student Body Boutique’s true purpose is to make sure students know that their designs are for them: the student body.

“We merchandise for typical college wear basics but with a trend; things you can wear to class, things you can wear out at night,” Serota said. “We also have an interview corner where there is interview clothing just in case there is a pop-up interview and you need something,” Serota said.

The board also wanted students to know that all of their clothing is now at an affordable price for the average college student. Their new mission is to make sure that all the clothing is at low ‘cost for all students.

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