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Student Success is the Main Focus at C.W. Post

By: Olivia Wicik
Staff Writer

Student success – that was the topic of the Welcome Convocation hosted by Provost Dr. Paul Forestell, on September 22nd.  This was an opportunity for students and faculty at C.W. Post to be brought together, and hear about what the goals of this year are.

The Convocation began with an introduction to the schools newest additions and improvements that were specifically made to enhance communication between students and faculty. We were notified that there are now several flat screen T.V.’s scattered throughout the buildings that will display important information. There is also a revamped radio station, Ipad project, and television center. Paul Forestell was speaking for himself as well as all of his colleagues when he said, “Success rewarded, develops and grows, and the biggest reward is your degree.”

Our fellow classmates produced a video entitled, “What Success Means to You.” The video was their view on what success means, and showed that with the help of each other we can achieve success at C.W. Post. To help the students reach their highest potential, there is a new division of staff that has only one focus and that is, student success. Students are welcomed and encouraged to take advantage of this new division.

David Steinberg, President of C.W. Post Campus, gave a short speech, speaking of Middle States, an organization that accredits numerous colleges and universities, as well as promotes educational excellence. He mentioned how when they come to inspect our school they will not only want to know what we do, but how we do it and prove that it works.

We were then introduced to two students who are the ideal picture of what student success is. They spoke about how C.W. Post got them to where they are today. Coach Collins and Professor Cheryl Halliburton-Beatty introduced Andrew Jackson, a football player, and Rochelle Martin, a ballet dancer. The audience was shown a brief video to see that success is a combination of hard work, effort and fun.

Our orientation leaders ended the Convocation with a song and dance they performed about life at C.W. Post. Following the performance, the raffle winners were announced and claimed their prizes. We were then escorted outside the room where they provided refreshments. Convocation 2010 definitely proved to be a lesson on achieving success here at Post, and now it’s up to the student body to make their futures as successful as possible with the new additions.

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