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Students Participate in Social Media Challenges

By Jade Leah Burns, Staff Writer

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people on all social media platforms have been participating in social media challenges as a way to keep themselves entertained. These challenges consist of people who took part in a task, posted a video of themselves doing it, and tagged other people to do the same thing to keep the chain going.

Amanda Petrillo, a sophomore nursing major, said that she has only participated in one challenge which also happens to be her favorite one. This dare is called the “see a strike, send a strike” challenge. This challenge is when people post a video of themselves bowling and making a strike.

Kaela Steinbrenner, a sophomore musical theatre major, expressed that she had taken part in multiple challenges and her favorite ones were the ones that take place on snapchat, specifically the “yolo questions” challenge. This challenge is when people post a picture with a link where you can swipe up and leave that person an honest, genuine message. These messages are left anonymously.

Steinbrenner’s least favorite is the “until tomorrow” challenge. This challenge asks users to find an embarrassing or crazy picture of themselves and post it on their Instagram page, leaving it there for 24 hours. Once the 24 hours is up, the photo(s) must be deleted.

Petrillo explained that she probably increased her time on social media by two hours per day but felt like social media was starting to frighten her. Seeing people post about their experience with the virus made her worry for her family, friends, and herself.

Petrillo clearly said that the majority of people that she follows have made multiple posts for these challenges but it’s sometimes inconvenient by how much she sees them.

“I do feel like they are a way for people to interact with each other and try to remain positive during these times,” Petrillo said. She also said that for some people, these challenges may be a distraction from everything that is currently going on.

“I think the challenges are fun; it’s a nice way to be able to express more of the goofier, more genuine parts of ourselves on the internet where we typically spend our time crafting a specific image of ourselves,” Steinbrenner said. She also thinks that the challenges are a nice way to share activities with people who are miles apart from each other.

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