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Students Spring into the New Semester

By Ashley Bowden and Dylan Valic
Co-Editor-In-Chief, Features Editor

Students gathered for lunch in the Fish Bowl.

Students had the chance to enjoy a Welcome Back Carnival in Hillwood on Wednesday, Jan. 22 during common hour. Anthony Garcia, a DJ from Enjoyable Entertainment, provided upbeat music while various events took place throughout the student center.

“It’s welcome week, so we have a photo booth going on right now, a DJ, we have fried
Oreos, funnel cakes, stuff like that just for the incoming freshmen,” Elizabeth Rosche from Enjoyable Entertainment, said.

Students of all grades passed through the carnival and enjoyed the free sweets and
entertainment. While doing so, some considered what they anticipated going ahead into the new semester.

“I’m looking forward to good grades, a lot of great experiences, and hopefully I can get
involved on campus more,” William Villalobos, senior criminal justice major, said. “I hope to find some clubs that I’m interested in and build a better resume.”

“I’m excited for the spring concert. I really hope it’s Blackbear, Blackbear is fire,” Kiernan
Griffin, junior art therapy major, said.

Katelyn Elvington, sophomore political science major, will transfer to Belmont University
in Nashville at the end of the semester and will continue the same major. In the meantime, she wants to make the most of catching up with all of her friends on campus and remaining in her sorority, Sigma Delta Tau.

With a minor in fashion merchandising, Nancy Ambrosio, junior business administration major, is looking forward to the classes she is taking throughout the spring 2020 semester. “I’m taking the sustainability class which is really interesting because of how fashion is making an effort towards helping the earth,”Ambrosio said.

Students are also going into the new semester with goals to improve in both their academic and personal life.

Amanda Jones, a junior theater arts major, says her goal is to “have more confidence in myself and talking to people, to go out of my comfort zone and be the best self I can be.”

“[I want to] pass all my classes with flying colors, get some sleep, relieve stress, and learn more about the human mind,” Yevette Key, sophomore psychology major, said.

Melissa Ponton, a junior adolescent education major, wants to make time to spend time
with friends. “I feel like it’s very hard to have a friend life and your study life without one failing miserably,” she said.

Just 15 minutes into common hour, approximately 40 people visited the photo booth
where a blue and gold Sharks backdrop was hung. In the fall 2019 semester, Rosche came to campus with Enjoyable Entertainment for the Homecoming festivities. At this outdoor event, students could take part in different activities including carnival games and eating treats like cotton candy. “We do so many events here. [With] all the homecomings and dances coming up, I’m sure we’ll be here for them,” Rosche said.

Students across a variety of majors attended the event, and some expressed their pride in their respective programs.

“I like how united we all are, if we need help we get connected to the right people,” Villalobos said. “And the head of the department is always there for us,” he said about Harvey Kushner, professor in the criminal justice department.

Key, formerly a broadcasting major, decided to study psychology after taking a class in the subject in 2019. “One thing I notice is that we’re all a really close-knit community within LIU and I really like that vibe,” she said.

“[I like] that we are able to get internships,” Griffin said about the art therapy program.
Corien Bologna is the internship coordinator in the arts department who provides students with lists of places offering internships in their field of study. “Right now I’m working with patients who have traumatic brain injuries, and that’s going to be amazing,” Griffin said.

As part of her involvement in the fashion merchandising program, Ambrosio enjoys
getting involved with the Student Body Boutique and running the store. “It’s so much fun because I get the hands-on experience to learn everything,” she said.

Students can keep an eye out for more campus events by following the Student Activities Board on Instagram @liupostsab.

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