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New and return Post students evaluate ‘common hour’ news

One of the main hopes for instituting the new common hour was to create more involvement among student life.  Keeping students on campus and initializing a pro-active student body were just some of the positive features that helped establish it in the first place.  However, general feedback has produced a multitude of mixed feelings among students on and off-campus.

“The common hour is a great meeting point for friends,” said Mike Dunne, a 21-year-old senior majoring in Business. “[However], the drawback is that Hillwood [Commons] and Winnick don’t have the facilities to seat that many students.”

“It’s insanity,” said Shane Cirella, a 20-year-old International Business major in his sophomore year. “The Subway lines go all the way outside [the door]. It makes me prefer to eat later.”

Sophomore and undeclared major Carla Villacreses, 20, evidently agreed when she mentioned that “Hillwood is filled up” with lines.

Bridgette Snow, 21, is a transfer student majoring in Math Education who feels the common hour can get in the way of how students choose to go about the school day.

“It’s smack right in the middle of the day,” said Snow. “Maybe if it was earlier, students can plan their schedules around it.”

With Post embarking on a whole new school year there are incoming freshmen who have approached a campus common hour as beneficial for student life.

“It’s a good break,” said Kyle Smith, an 18-year-old Forensic Science major. “[It allows time] to eat something, walk around campus and catch up with friends.”

On the other hand, some resolve the common hour would be alternatively better if the break period occurred less frequently throughout the school week.

“It would be good,” said Villacreses, “if it happened [only] once or twice.”

Transfer student and Health Administration major Jenny Mallet, 23, echoed similar sentiments when she remarked that four times a week is too much for a common hour. “It’s hard to wait around for an hour [everyday] when you’re a commuter.”

“It’s a good idea but not every day,” added Snow. “I’d appreciate it if was two days a week.”

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