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The 500 Calorie Meltdown

By: Hope Coenen
Staff Writer
Trying to find ways to help look extra good in your Halloween costume or to trim down a size? Try this intense but achievable cardio workout from Robert Pennino, certified USA triathalon coach. Keep in mind that you can always adjust speed to your personal needs.
Total workout time: 60 minutes.
Equipment needed: Treadmill and a stop watch.
1. Place treadmill at a 1 degree incline through out the workout for optimal results.
2. Start off the work out with a 10-minute warm up jog at approximately 5 MPH.
3. Now for 20-seconds, sprint at 7.5 MPH.
4. For the next minute go back to your jogging.
5. Do steps 3 and 4 two more times and you will notice that you are at the 14 minute mark.
6. For 3 minutes jog at 5 MPH.
7. Once you reach the 17-minute mark you will proceed to run at 6.5 MPH for 10 minutes, now don’t get discouraged, you can do this!
8. At the 27-minute mark you will jog at 5 MPH for 4 minutes
9. Follow this by a 4-minute run at 6.5 MPH. Now I know your tired but your at the 35 minute mark now so don’t give up!
10. Continue by jogging at 5 MPH for 4 more minutes.
11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 twice and you will be close to the finish at 55 minutes.
12. For the last 5 minutes, gradually slow down your pace for a nice cool down. This workout was rough indeed but if you can get through this then you will burn massive amounts of calories and be able to be more comfortable in your own skin. Check out next week to see what new workout we have in store!
Overall, the bottom line for this week’s issue is to stay calm and carry on. Keep it simple and use food for what it is meant to be used for: energy. If stressed, upset or bored, outlet your feelings in something other than junk food. Make exercise fun, and enjoy it. If you have a bad day, don’t let it turn into a bad week. Jump right back on your healthy regime and have faith that tomorrow is a new day. Until next time,
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