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The B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library Sees Updates

By Aliya Couillard, Assistant News Editor

The B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library has seen some recent updates on the interior. 

The Long Island University (LIU) library located at the front entrance of campus will look a little different to incoming students walking in for the first time this school year. 

The main floor, along with rearrangements, gained lots of new furnishing with more seating for students to study and collaborate. The new furnishings include chairs, couches, cushioned chairs, and coffee tables. Also, new tech including T.V. screens that find themselves sporadically around the area and additional printing computers that are located in the back room near the writing center.  

A great new feature has been the addition of two private study rooms placed in the back of the main floor. These study rooms offer a great space to collaborate with other students or professors without any distractions from surrounding noises. 

A collaboration center has taken the place of the art gallery located in the glass box to the right of the main entrance. This area allows students to collaborate with the addition of TV screens that elevate your group sessions with a share screen feature. 

Students on campus are thrilled to see these new updates.

“I think that there were much-needed changes to the library, ” junior business major Ela Kisin stated. “I remember last year every time I would go [to the library] it was a struggle to find seating and I think that everything that they added was much needed. I’m very excited to start doing work in there and studying because the changes are going to add a more enjoyable studying experience and there’s more seating for everyone so it’s not going to be a hit or miss situation whether I’m going to be able to study or not.”

In comparing the updated layout to the old one, Kisin finds it more favorable.

 “I think that it looks more updated and modern, as well as gives it a more clean look and a good aesthetic and I think it is more of like a good coffee shop ambiance. When I’m studying I think it’s going to put me in a better mindset because it’s more pleasing and aesthetic,” Kisin said.

Senior psychology major Kira Adkins shared similar views to Kisin.

 “I like it much better. It looks much more modern now and more up-to-date than before. Before, it was kind of out-of-date and not very nice to look at,” Adkins said.

Kisin believes that the private study rooms and more computers for printing will be very useful.

“I really enjoyed the little study rooms. I think that that’s going to come in handy whenever I go to the library [for] more of like a private area where I can get work done because the library can be a louder area but closed rooms will be nice. Also, there used to be only two computers to print and now there are multiple, so like right before you go to class when you’re trying to print something you don’t have to wait 20 minutes for the person in front of you to be done,” she explained.

Collaborative work and productivity seem to be areas that were thought of while making these changes and students agree. 

“Since there’s more rooms and space available for students to use and study in, I think it’ll allow students to work in groups and have space for their own studies,” Adkins stated. 

So, why is LIU starting to make these updates like they did and are doing to the library? Adkins gave a good guess. 

“I think to better the student life and make it more appealing for students to come here,” she said.

And now that LIU is starting to make these improvements, students are sharing opinions about what they should look at to update next.

“I do think that they could add updates to the Hillwood seating areas. The tables and chairs are all very old and it doesn’t look very pleasing,” Kisin said.

Students feel that the updates done to the library are a good stepping stone towards improving student life on campus. Currently, the second floor of the library is under some renovations and looks like they will  be completed in the near future. 

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