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The Unknown Facts of the Library

By: Kathleen Joyce
Staff Writer

This summer, the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library made a few major changes to its website to make researching easier for students.

The library’s link on, has set up a new system that allows students to instant message the librarians live with questions. The process is pretty simple: students make a new username for themselves by clicking on the, ask a librarian link on the website; then they just type the librarian what they need and how they can find it.

In order to receive these services a student must have a barcode on his or her student ID card. The barcode can be received at the reference desk in the library.

Students are encouraged to take in the other numerous resources the library has to offer. So, next time you’re in need of a research question or you’re tied up with a paper you have no idea where to start, just instant message a librarian!

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