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TRESemmé Launches Interactive Site for Styling Hair

TRESemme At Jenny Packham - Backstage - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
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Amanda Bernocco
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TRESemme, a brand of hair products at a lower retail price than salon products, has just launched a new interactive website called TRESemme Style Studio. The website that Noise, a company that invents new ways to grow business among young people, helped create for TRESemme is designed to assist young women learn how to wear their hair in different styles while using TRESemme products.

TRESemme Style Studio has two options for users. They can view over 100 how-to videos to learn new ways to style their hair, or they can use the “Instant Styler” portion of the site to upload their own photo and see what they would look like if they changed their hair color or cut.

“They show you techniques on different styles for your hair without making them too complicated,” Dan Duffey, Public Relations senior who is also a hairdresser at The Studio New York in Babylon.

The how-to videos can be filtered by the type of video you are looking for, the type of hair you have, how long your hair is and the occasion you are styling your hair for. For example, a user can enter in that she is looking for techniques to style her long wavy hair with bangs for girl’s night. A specific description such as this could narrow down the selection of videos to only 11 videos. Now the user will have videos in front of her that are made by a model with the same type of hair as hers being done for a similar occasion that she is preparing for. This was designed to cut back preparation time.
“It’s very helpful, although it seems like a giant ad for TRESemme,” Duffey said.

On the side of the video there is a still list of the tools and TERESemme products the stylist is using on the model’s hair to achieve the look. When watching the video on a laptop, there is a button on the side that reads “Launch Mirror.” This tool shrinks the video to the corner of the screen and allows the user to use the laptop webcam as a mirror while the video is playing so they could do their hair while the hair stylist in the video is doing the model’s hair.

“I actually like this site. The how-to videos are really helpful and clear,” said Devan Farrell, a junior Public Relations major. She plans to use this site to gain hair inspiration.

With the “Instant Styler” option, users can upload a picture of themselves to the website to see what they would look like with different hair lengths, styles and colors. If the user takes the photo with their hair tied up they can put on wigs that the site provides to see what they would look like with different types of hair; whereas, if the viewer takes the photo with their hair down, the user can actually brush, curl, straighten or even use a virtual hand to play with her locks of hair.

“I like how you can go to the Instant Styler and see how you would look with different hair,” Farrel said.

TRESemme Style Studio also allows you to use the “Instant Styler” portion of the site by choosing one of four models if the user doesn’t wish to upload a picture of her own. The four models are all women with different skin complexions, which allow users to use one that has the same tones as her.

“I’d say it’s an excellent way to switch it up and find new and interesting ways to do your hair,” Duffey said.

To check out the features of this interactive website, visit

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