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TV Studio Opens with a Full House

By: Matthew Baltrustitis
Staff Writer

David Steven Simon at the ribbon-cutting ceremony

Fifteen years after its initial creation, C.W. Post’s TV Studio, PTV, has received a major overhaul, bringing this studio state-of-the-art, high-definition capabilities.  The ribbon cutting ceremony included special guest and Post alumni, David Steven Simon, whose work includes producing “Sister, Sister,” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Financial assistance from a New York State grant allowed Post to go ahead with upgrades but not without a sizeable contribution from the university itself.  “For every $1 [from the state] we put in $2 and we had to pry it from the state’s cold, dark hands,” Provost Paul Forestell said jokingly.

In addition to HD capabilities, there has also been structural re-modeling of the studio now allowing for a much larger control room, conference room, prop storage and digital editing room.  “Our control room is now large enough to fit an entire class,” said Kathy Betka, the station manager at PTV. “We no longer have to break the class up into groups, allowing us to move forward more quickly than ever before.”

Not letting the recent upgrades allowing her plans for PTV to stand idle, director Jean Carlomusto hopes to see a make-up room and news lab additions in the near future.  “I would like everyone to come down and at least see [the studio].” Carlomusto said. “It is a great opportunity and now with our HD capable studio; skills can be developed for the pro [television] world.”

Patrick Holbert, from the graduating class of 2003 and now a producer for MTV’s True Life, came back to visit Post for the grand re-opening of PTV’s facilities.  Internships from WPIX, MTV and HBO “equipped me with skills for the real world” said Holbert. “[At Post] students are allowed to do projects above and beyond what they can do in the classroom.”

Long Island University President David Steinberg made a statement at the event saying “education does not have to be painful” citing the hard work and experiences of students who dedicate much of their time at PTV.  “This is a student centered campus,” Steinberg said. “I wish the students to use this facility regularly, and to use it hard…”

Looking to get involved with PTV? President of PTV, senior Heather Lonks is looking for anyone to get involved with the studio.  Meetings are Tuesdays at 5:30 PM in the studio located on the second floor of Humanities Hall, room 214.  For more information, email

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