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Ways to Waste Time

Tina Kasin
Staff Writer

Time can be your worst enemy when you know you are supposed to be productive. Instead of being a good student, you end up wasting your time in as many ways as possible. It is ridiculous how uninteresting things can become temptations, impossible to resist, once there is something important on your agenda, especially when it is time restricted. Your free time becomes the time you are the most bored, and restricted time becomes the time you want to do everything but your actual assignments. However, wasting time can be very humoring, and if you are looking for time wasting suggestions, read on.

1. Facebook is the number one time-waster. You catch yourself creeping on people’s wall, instead of doing anything that benefits you academically. It is called social networking, but considering the many times you are not interacting with your friends, it is a very passive way of networking.

2. Go on YouTube and browse for funny videos. If you are in the mood for it, you will end up watching several videos for longer than you expected.

3. Staring at people and things – ever done it? Yes, it happens almost every time you are supposed to write an essay that is due the next day. You end up staring at a specific person, picture or a magazine, and before you know it, five minutes of what was supposed to be productive time have elapsed.

4. Take a very long nap. The hours will run away before you open your eyes again. Have you ever noticed that it is easier to fall asleep during the day when you are busy than at night when you are actually allowed to sleep?

5. You cram intensively for a test you want to do well on. You sit down, you line up your pencils and books, you turn on your computer, and then you take a sip of your coffee. All of a sudden you notice how dirty your room is. You try to concentrate, but the dirt shouts at you, letting you know it is there. You give up, and you find your cleaning supplies. This takes about thirty minutes, and the next thing you know, your laundry pile is in your way. You cannot leave it alone, so you might as well do that, too.

6. Re-decorate your room after you have cleaned it and did your laundry. If you live in a dorm, you know the white walls are not as nice as they could be with a couple of pictures on them. Find pictures online, and make sure you find the right ones for your walls. Print them out, and arrange them in the best looking way as possible on your wall.

7. Take a shower, and give yourself spa treatments. This is a great time-waster; no one is going to notice that you have done any¬thing. However, you are going to feel better. You cannot do anything well if you do not feel well, so why not waste your time for a good cause?

“I’m a pro at watching TV shows, and that is how I’ll waste my time,” said Elin Orre, a junior International Studies major. “My roommate and I have had a Friends marathon for the past weeks.”
“When I have an essay I’m supposed to write, I do everything other than that, especially go on Facebook,” said Cato Benjamin¬sen, a finance major.

As mentioned earlier, wasting time can be humoring, and in most situations it is good for you to take frequent breaks while studying. However, it is still important to have some discipline and get those A’s.

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