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By Justin Simon

Assistant News Editor

The resident assistants of each dorm on campus prepared to greet incoming freshmen, preparing three weeks before orientation. They were trained to assist new students beginning their college educations.

Freshmen (Fr. Left) Shab Nasary, Terese Markelund and Emily Tirado

Yadiel Corporan, an RA of Post Hall, said he recognized the significance of the position. “One of the biggest things that stood out to me was the importance we play in [the new student’s] transition from high school to college,” he said. “Just being able to answer their questions and provide friendly communication shows them what they are in for and the opportunities coming their way.”

The RAs worked as orientation leaders for the new students. After the freshmen moved in, they were divided into cohorts, each directed by two leaders.

Freshman Chloe Galvez, health science major, showing her pimped dorm room

The cohorts were led from session to session by their orientation leaders, participating in ice breaker games and other scheduled activities.

“With the free time we had, we played games as often as possible,” John Vituci, Queens Hall RA, said. “I got to build a great rapport with my kids in my orientation group. Go cohort seven.”

The RAs also filmed an introductional music video to the upbeat song “All Night,” by Icona Pop.

“The video took approximately two weeks to film, as it involved moving to various areas around campus,” Louis Copertino, Kings Hall RA, said.

The orientation leaders performed skits at the end of Orientation Idol, led the freshmen in ghost tours around campus, and supported their respective cohorts in the Pioneer Games.

Annika Churchill, sophomore musical theater major grabbing belongings from her car
A photo of Dan McClure, a junior, who is moving his things into Post Hall

Adam Silverstein, Riggs Hall RA, said he did everything in his power to make the event memorable for cohort 10.

“As orientation leaders, we try our best to keep up a fun, energetic, enthusiastic spirit, help the new students get comfortable with the school and get them to want to be involved and engaged on campus,” he said.

Silverstein made it very apparent that facilitating a new student body does not stop after orientation. “We make it known that we are always here for the freshmen if they ever need anything after Orientation is over,” he said.

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