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Bowling Anticipates Winter Season

By Dylan Valic

Staff Writer

The bowling team hopes to strike out the competition this season and plan on sparing no one. The team has been practicing since the second week of September 2018 and aim to keep improving.


Members of the team practice three days a week and they work out for two more. Each practice consists of a combination of specific drills to improve accuracy and run-throughs of normal matches. The team has placed third and second place in the two tournaments they have competed in.


The winter 2018 season will be the team’s last before they merge with LIU Brooklyn, so members of the team want to put forth their full effort and play the best they can.


“Being as though we are merging with LIU Brooklyn next year, we want to put everything we’ve got into bowling and leave everything on the lanes,” Emily Cavanaugh, sophomore nursing major, said. “We are excited to be competing in more events this year, and with the extraordinary talent brought in by the freshman and returning players we hope to bring home a few tournament wins.”


Each member of the team brings useful assets that help make the team stronger. “I throw the ball with a slower ball speed, [so] my ball is able to read the lane more effectively,” Nicole Lettich, a freshman nursing major, said.


“Rhianna Smith, a freshman, is our only left handed bowler and this is beneficial for the team because there are not many lefties,” Lettich said. This allows the oil breakdown to be minimal for her when we are bowling.”


No matter what happens the team makes sure to stick together. “My favorite part about being on this team is sharing the bond that each of the team members have,” Francesca Rossi, freshman forensic science major, said. “We have all gotten so close since September and we all work great together.”


The team’s next game will be at the Wildcat Invitational in Wilmington, D.E. on Dec. 1

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