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Dorianna Valerio’s Response to Heather Drastal

Dear Professor Drastal,

We have received the letter that you sent to Pete Barell, the Pioneer’s Arts & Entertainment editor. We are thrilled that you are reading the Pioneer and took the time to contact us. Our writers, photographers, editors, copyeditors, layout editors, and other staff put so much work into every single issue, as we know your students do into your productions.

The writers are given the opportunity to write for all sections of the paper. So, for example, a writer may cover news one week, arts the next, and sports the next. Writers are not assigned to write reviews every week, even if they prefer to cover the arts, because the Pioneer is a training ground and launching pad for future journalists. They get real experience in all areas of the publication, which helps them get jobs upon graduation. Our section editors work hard with the writers to make sure that all stories are fair, balanced, and properly reported. Of course, there are times when there is disappointment with a story, from readers like you, and from us as well.

However, we are all students, and constantly learning and working to improve. As for not covering the Theater Department in the future, we are sure that, as a creator like us, you value the free speech rights of the Pioneer as much as we value your rights to create.

Thank you for your constructive criticism. We will share it with all of our writers and editors, and hopefully they will all benefit from it.

Dorianna Valerio Editor-in-Chief, The Pioneer 

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