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Letter to The Pioneer

Hi Pete,

I just read Michael’s article about the First year Showcase in The Pioneer, and frankly, I was surprised. While I appreciate you sending a writer to attend, may I ask if he is an arts writer? Does he have any background in or experience with theatre at all? The piece struck me as a nod to people he knows or is friends with, lacking any real substance. It was not well-structured and many of the claims, both positive and negative, lacked validity.

If Michael had spoken with anyone involved or done any research he would know that the “filler” scene was actually a demonstration of the department training, a method of acting which is movement-based training that is unique to the LIU Post undergrad program. This “filler” is, indeed what will set these actors apart when they work professionally.

Additionally, if he knew anything at all about the space and theatrical acoustics, he would understand that it is completely inappropriate and impossible to mic the actors in this space without creating so much feedback that it would make the show unbearable. Criticism regarding actor’s articulation and projection would be appropriate. Criticism linking tuition rates with the lack of microphones used in the production is not.

Any time that a writer from the Pioneer has covered our shows in the past, they have attended a rehearsal and spoken with people from the company about the structure and the process in an effort to better understand context. I welcome any criticism grounded in an understanding of the creative process through articulate and thoughtful writing. This piece, however, was poorly structured and not well thought out, lacking any realcoherent throughline. if this is the sort of piece you’re planning to publish about our work in the future, please don’t bother. I am happy to talk with you further about this, if you so desire.

Heather Drastal
General Manager, Post Theatre Company

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