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Resident Assistants Host Podcast

By Whitney Moran, Staff Writer

Two students, in conjunction with the Promise office, are starting a podcast about being Resident Assistants. Jack Tomlinson, a junior physical and health education major, and Nick Del Buono, a junior secondary education major, are co-hosting “Beyond the Residence Halls Podcast,” which will first drop on Nov. 3. 

“Nick and I both came up with the idea of a podcast one day when we were just talking. We both knew coming into this semester due to Covid-19, RAs wouldn’t be allowed to hold in person RA programs. So, in an attempt to create a program that would interest people and be fun to host we realized we could just do exactly what we were doing in that very moment, talking, except the only difference now is that we film it,” Tomlinson said.

“We actually got the idea from RA Nick Jordan in Brookville hall. As we were all brainstorming ideas to do virtual programs, he brought up this idea for a podcast and I texted Jack right away,” Del Buono said.

The podcast may be titled about resident life, but it is meant for all students. “I believe our podcast offers a variety of content that although geared towards the general LIU student it still holds elements that can make the experience more direct for the viewer,” Tomlinson said. 

“Beyond the Residence Hall” will be hosted on the LIU Promise instagram page the first and third tuesday of each month.  

Podcasting is an easier and safer way to get to connect with other students. “Personally, I love podcasts, I find them incredibly informative and entertaining. I also believe they allow for a more intimate relationship with the host. Which is the overall goal as an RA, to build trust and comfortability with your residences, except now we can do it with not just our residences halls but the entire campus as well,” Tomlinson said. 

“Jack and I are doing our production together. We are experimenting with ways to get the best performance,” Del Buono said. 

As an RA, Tomlinson is always looking to build a relationship with his residents. “As an RA all I can ever hope for is to be able to develop a safe and trusting relationship with my residences so that they feel comfortable to come to me with any situation no matter that magnitude. With the help of our podcast, I am hoping for the same opportunity with the entire LIU Shark Nation.”

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