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Senior Spotlight: Kim Kessel

By: Taylor Hole

In the past four years, senior Kim Kessel has played in 33 games for the Pioneers. In the 2011 season, Kessel batted .500 with four hits, two RBIs and a run scored. In 2010, her sophomore year, Kessel made appearances in 19 games, recording three hits, two RBIs, and two runs. So far, this season, the Pioneers are 25-13 overall and 13-1 in conference play.

Name: Kim Kessel

Sport: Softball

Position: Catcher

Hometown: Glen Cove

High School: Glen Cove

Major: Physical and Health Education


Overall, how was your academic experience here at LIU Post?

My academic experience has been great; I have learned everything I need to know to bring into my career.


How did you choose your major?

Sports and Physical Education are in my blood. My grandfather was a Phys. Ed. Teacher, and I have always known that is what I wanted to do.


Why did you choose to come to LIU Post?

I chose Post because I wanted to be a part of a great softball program with an excellent coaching staff.


What do you think the top priority of a college athlete should be?

The top priority of a college athlete should be to have a balance between academics and athletics.


If you had to describe your team in three words what would they be?

Words to describe my team are: Dedicated, hardworking, and determined


How has being a student athlete at Post benefitted you?

Being a student athlete has benefitted me by teaching me what it takes to be the best. Being a student athlete has taught me life lessons that are going to stay with me forever.


What is your favorite part about being a student athlete?

My favorite part about being a student athlete is being respected by everyone. Everyone at this school knows how hard we all work everyday, and they respect us for that.


What is your favorite memory at LIU Post overall?

My favorite memory of Post was celebrating on our home field after winning the super regional and advancing to the World Series last year.


Who is your favorite pro-athlete and why?

My favorite professional athlete is Derek Jeter. He is the prime example of what a leader and teammate should be. He plays his hardest every time he steps between the lines.


Any favorite pro-sports teams?

New York Yankees


What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after graduating are to be student teaching, coaching, and complaining that I have nothing to do because I don’t have practice anymore.

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