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Senior Spotlight: Morgan Milleisen

Helene Bruckner

Name: Morgan Milleisen

Major: Physical Education

Sport: Tennis

Hometown: Bayport, NY

How long have you been playing for the C.W. Post tennis team?

This will be my third year.

What was your first impression of Post?

My first impression of Post was that it was a beautiful campus that seemed athletic-based, and a lot of the other schools that I visited did not seem as into their sports as Post is.

How do you feel about Post now?

I am happy about the decision I made about coming here.  I have made some really great friends through athletics, and I would not have picked any other school to go to.  The athletic department is very supportive of all of the other teams. It’s like a family.

What lesson(s) will you take from Post?

Sometimes, you may be faced with challenges, but you have to find a way to make it better and make it work so that your team will benefit in the long run.

What is the worst memory you have with the team?

My worst memory I have with the team is when I tore my ligament in warm-ups for the playoff match, and I could not play.

What do you want to do after you graduate from Post?

After I graduate from Post, I would like to work for an NFL team or a professional team, being involved with player personnel, or a physical education teacher and coach.

How do you balance being a student-athlete and a resident assistant?

It is very hard, at times, because they both take up a lot of my time, but you need to have time-management, and you have to make a day planner for yourself every day.  I like being busy, so it does not bother me, but it can be stressful to make it to everything that I have to be at. But, I have met a lot of great people and made a lot of new friends.

What will you miss the most from Post?

I will miss all of my teammates and being able to see them every day and all of the other athletes that I have become very close with.  I will just miss getting up and playing a sport every day.

Morgan Milleisen participates in both doubles and singles on the C.W. Post women’s tennis team, where she has gone 4-3 in doubles and 2-4 in singles this season.  Milleisen has earned All-Conference Second Team Honors as well as being nominated as the captain of the Women’s Tennis team.  The Pioneers have an overall record of 0-3 for the season thus far.  They have been voted to finish fourth in the East Coast Conference according to the preseason poll.  The Pioneers will be back in action for their last season match against Queens College on September 29th.

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