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Virtual Vixen

Alex Parker

I feel it’s about time I did a little bit of guy bashing. Why is it that men feel the need to flirt with other girls while they have a girlfriend? Now, don’t go jumping to conclusions. I’m not talking about a little harmless flirting once and a while. I’m talking about blatantly flirting on the regular with girls.

Not only is it disrespectful to the poor soul who’s dating you, but also can be quite perplexing to the female you are flirting with. When you go out of your way to text her or whatever it is that you’re doing, it sends mixed signals. On the one hand we know you are not available, on the other it’s as if you are implying that you are unhappy in your relationship and may want to end it. What is your ultimate purpose with this flirting?

Is it just a male ego complex? You’ve been off the market for a small amount of time and feel it’s necessary to see if you “still have it?” I know every guy walks around thinking he’s God’s gift to women everywhere but,

really? It’s slightly ridiculous and makes you look like a complete ahole. What’s a girl to do? If your girlfriend were to find out about the texts and tweets, etc. she would most likely go straight to the girl you’ve been flirting with and freak out. Watch while the catfight ensues, be- cause it will. Is it really her fault though? Should she stand there and take the responsibility for the whole situation, especially when it was the faulty boyfriend who started the entire flirting ordeal in the first

place? Absolutely not.
This poor girl was essentially being led on by this dumbdumb and

was just along for the ride. Now she’s supposed to take the fall for you? Think again buddy. In no way is that fair. What you should have done was just kept it a casual flirting thing once and a while, now you’ve created quite a mess. Not only did you hurt one girl, you hurt two; on top of it all, both of them most likely want to kick you right in the baby maker. (Sorry if you are wincing as you read this)

Bottom line, either break up with your girlfriend or keep it in your virtual panties. I highly doubt anyone wants to be put in the middle of this situation.

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