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Young Americans for Liberty

Last updated on Oct 6, 2019

By Dylan Valic

Features Editor

Young Americans for Liberty, otherwise known as YAL, is a libertarian student activism organization that might be coming to campus. Thomas DiGennaro, a sophomore philosophy major, is attempting to start a local chapter of the organization on campus.

According to YAL’s mission statement the organization’s goal is to “Build a bench of 250 liberty legislators by the end of 2022 at the state level who will advance libertarian philosophy, ascend to higher office, and reclaim the direction of our government.”

Thomas DiGennaro, sophomore philosophy major

The beliefs of the group are to promote free speech, and other constitutional rights. “The philosophy of the group is having less government in people’s overall life and defending individual liberty, namely free speech and free association,” DiGennaro said.

If the local chapter is approved, YAL plans on hosting events such as a Free Speech Ball. During this event, students will be able to write down whatever they want on a giant inflatable beach ball. The goal of the event will be to “encourage an environment of free speech,” according to Digennaro.

Once 15 students commit to joining, YAL will be able to draft their club constitution and submit it to the Student Activities Board. If you are interested in joining YAL, or have any questions about the club, you can contact Thomas DiGennaro at

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